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I'm Healed From Blindness!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

My name is Elina and I am eleven years old. I was born blind and was going to a special school for the blind. One morning, members from Prayer Mountain Top came to our village to distribute food. My granny told them that she was sick and that I was blind since birth. They promised to come back another day to pray for us.

They returned the following Sunday. I heard them talking to someone on the phone. The man on the phone began to pray for my granny. My granny was paralyzed, shivering and could not sit up by herself. He prayed and I heard him tell her to stand up. People began to cheer and make noise because my granny was able to stand up and walk. After my granny’s healing, I was led to the phone and the man prayed for me. As he prayed for me, me eyes began to itch and tears were coming out of them. Suddenly, I heard a pop, I saw a light and I saw the people standing around me. I could see! I was shocked and confused. Many people didn't believe I was healed until they started asking me to identify objects, things and people hiding around the house.

The next day, the men returned and took me to their house. I looked at myself in the mirror for the first time. I was surprised to see what I look like. This God is wonderful and I thank him so much for healing me. The Prayer Mountain Top people promised me that they will collect money to pay for me to go a regular school. I am so happy and I thank Prayer Mountain Top for coming to my village.

- Elina, Mariakani Kenya

Grandma is now able to stand up and start walking

Elina starts to identify things by her own eyes and learn as a normal child

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